Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tech and Topics is the WORST!

Just kidding!!!

As a final blog specifically for my Tech and Topics class, Mr. Becksfort has asked that we blog about what we think could be added to improve the class.

Being that my mind is pretty fried and I can barely remember to brush my teeth in the morning with all the school stuff swimming in my head, I can not think of anything to add to this course which would improve it.

I really enjoyed all the great new things I learned about, especially incorporating technology in the classroom and the various new websites that are available out there. Maybe one things that may prove helpful for future students is a list or write up of the websites or various other materials we learn about during class. I personally wrote down almost all the websites we talked about, but they are scattered throughout my pages and pages of notes. Maybe make it available online or at the end of the semester OR make it available online and it have the ability to be added to as time goes on. Then we could always have the newest stuff known to us.

Ok, that is all I have for now. Mr. Becksfort, thanks for making this class awesome and by far the best one this semester and maybe even all of graduate school :)

Teacher Infographics

I personally love Infographics and I came across this one the other day. It is about teachers and their salaries in comparison to the world. I thought I would share it with the internet world.

Teaching America
Via: Teacher Salary Info